What are  Daily Life Chinese Conversations?

 Daily Life Chinese Conversations are the phrases that are widely used in Chinese daily life. In other words, it is the daily language in China.

When foreigners come to China, the first thing they should do is learning some Daily Mandarin, only in this way can they make their trip easier. For example, when you lose your way and need to ask direction, it will be not easy to do it with your native language, the people you ask maybe don't know what you're saying at all...

Now let's learn Daily Life Chinese Conversations:

1. When you want to stop one’s act, you can say:

Don’t do it!


Bú yào zuò!

2. when you want to if know others understand you, you can say:

“Do you understand?”


“Nǐ míng bái le ma?”

3.When you need others to do something for you, you should say

"Excuse me!"

"lao jia!"

"劳 驾!"

4.when you want to express your negative views:

 "Absolutely not.”


“Jué duì bú shì。"

5.When you want to know whether someone will go with you, you can say:

“Are you coming with me?”


“Nǐ gēn wǒ yì qǐ qù ma?"

6.When you need to say goodbye to someone, you will say

"See you later!"

"hou hui you qi !"

"后 会 有 期!"

7.When you want to show your sincerity, you can say:

“Believe me.”


“Xiāng xìn wǒ.”

8.When you want to know whether someone has understood you, you can ask:

"Do you understand?"


"Nǐ míng bái le ma?"

9.When you want to buy something but don't know how much you should pay for, you can ask:

"How much?"


"Duō shǎo qián?"

10. When you want to tell someone that you're very anxious and your time is not enough, you can say:

"I don’t have time."


“Wǒ méi shí jiān le。”

11.When you want to show your dislike for something, you can say:

 "I don’t like it. "


“Wǒ bù xǐ huan。”

12.When you want to show you want to have a try, you can say:

"I’ll try."


"Wǒ shì shì kàn。"

13.When you want to show that you're impatient, you can say:

"That’s enough."


"Gòu le。"

14.When you want to complain the terrible weather, you can say:

"What terrible weather!"


"Duō huài de tiānqì!"

15.When you care for somebody and want to know what's wrong with her, you can say:

"What’s going on/ happening / the problem?"


"Zěn me la?"

16.Slow down!


Màn diǎn er!

17.It’s impossible.


    Nà shì bù kě néng de。

18.It doesn’t matter.


     Méi guān xi。

19.See you tomorrow.


     Míngtiān jiàn。

20.What is he talking about?


Tā zài shuō xiē shénme?

21.What’s the date today?


Jīntiān jǐ hào?

22. You look tired.


Nǐ kàn shàngqù hě lei.

23.When you want to show that you are very hungry, you can say:

"I’m hungry."


"Wǒ è sǐ le。"

24.When you want a cup of coffee, you can tell the waitress:

"I would like a cup of coffee, please."


"Qǐng gěi wǒ yì bēi kāfēi。"

25.When you need to leave,you can say:

I’m leaving.


“Wǒ yào zǒu le。

26. I’m having fun.


Wǒ wán de hěn kāixīn。

27.I’m ready.


Wǒ zhǔnbèi hǎo le。

28.It’s good.


Hěn hǎo。

29.It’s impossible.


Nà shì bù kěnéng de。


She is so smart.


Tā zhēn cōngmíng。

31.Think about it.


Kǎolǜ yí xià。





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