Sweets Time Midnight [東方Vocal] (附中譯歌詞、拼音及裏歌詞) [HQ]

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在後鐵器時代, 相傳有一隻叫SI 的神獸, 它的外型威風澟澟, 吸引萬千少男少女, 曾經在一個時期, 在一個不是很大的小鎮裡, 有四十多人對它十分傾慕, 那份感情雖然有些是熱情; 有些是盼望; 有些是征服; 有些是跟朋友來; 還有些只是打醫油。不過無論如何, 有一天, SI 終於下凡。在它下凡的第一天, 所有人馬上發覺, 這動物需雖然不會對自己構成生命危險, 但也不像其他寵物般和藹可親。甚至因為它的習性, 在不夠三十分鐘, 已經因為它身上的雷光, 傷及超過半數平民。在之後的幾天, SI 四出傷人, 都市驟成廢城, 能逃走的都逃走了, 所有人都發覺這不是甚麼神獸, 反而應是一隻魔獸。曾經有幾名獵
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セブンスヘブンMAXION -Vague Ontology-

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Asynchronization for Adsense, is that difficult?

Large js codings that calls other files may affect the smoothness of page loading. Large delay on client side is occured so often.

Asynchronized javascript loading is doubtlessly a valid and strong trend to go.

However, many existing synchronized loading methoding methods are not seem to be modified such as the commonly used google adsense.

Let's take adsense as an example. unlike other services that only loaded once in a loading session, adsense has its uniqueness of loading 3 times per session, it makes the situation much complex by the following reasons.

eg. <div id="ads1"></div>

1. identifying iframes to load its ads
2. methods for user to reuse the same code without parameter settings.
3. modern template have different ads on different modules and a global calling with static parameters may stucks

I am going to propose a solution

Due to the speed of computers and mobile devices increased, I supposed that queries for DOMs is possible for a single global calling.

eg. <div class="google_ads" rel="UNIQUE_ID"></div>
or. <div id="google_ads|UNIQUE_ID"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://...../load.js></script>
inside (jquery syntax)
$('.google_ads').each(function(){ insert($(this).attr('rel')); }
neat and fine

moreover, I want to complain that the current synchronized loading are buggy that making other iframes drawing inside the wrong advertisement boxes.

That's it.

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Vanni G - I say Yeah (extended version)

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小明去拜年歌詞太長難記, 應無之前兩首咁hit 了 SI 呢科...  
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 錯字率不經不覺間提高了, 看來自己還沒有熟練呢...
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呢排好夜先訓 poly 份parttime 份project 好有挑戰性 orz rf 整到自己開始覺得好用 同細佬買左部psp1006, 好好禁啊orz monhunt 好耐無玩 現在想起的幾個舊朋友, 全部都是素未謀面的網友 我認為rf 會員的平均身家是香港論壇中最高的
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