When KISS is not DRY


要Keep It Simple and Stupid 還是Don't Repeat Yourself?




註: Hard Code 該翻譯為硬碼









Zen, part I: Programming is only the road, not the way.

Programming is only the technique to teach a computer what it's gotta do. To be successful in creating fast, reliable software means to know your algorithms, best-practices and all the other stuff not necessarily connected to your Programming (language).

Zen, part II: If you are in a hurry, stroll along slowly. If you really are in a hurry, make a detour.

Sounds silly, but do not let yourself get into compromises that (really) may trouble you afterwards. I got a rule: If you are at the core of a program, try to be as precise and good as possible. If you are using methods from the core that are deep in your software, try to be faster in coding. If you are coding above these two, you can even get a little bit more sloppy.

Design errors are the hardest to find and/or fix, next step are programming errors in parts everyone relies on, then the "real showing-off software parts". If you need to fix a design error at the end of a project, ummm, that's not good... ;-)

Zen, part III: Know your path, Neo.

Know your environment, tools and the stuff you rely on on a daily basis and get it sorted so that it works for you. Best if you use your programming "environment" so natural that you do not even have to think of it. If you have to get a job done do not introduce "fancy new stuff" but do your work. This stuff can be introduced in a new project, namely then when you have time to prepare and use it.



對於這句, 我的感受: 雖然看來是很電腦的樣子, 但API 這個東西實在最能表達這個意思, 一個API 往往是集合很多API 而成, 而上一層的API 又是很多下一層的API 集合而成... 而這句很有在中間的透徹視野

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yugioh @ rm2k3


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[mind streaming]What is the matter?

If I was killed by someone, who will be the next?

Somebody gonna kill me in the restaurant in my estate and that was great! I was always thinking when will the one appears, that can kill me.

Three years ago, when I was walking on a corridor in a building, I was caught by a man. Even at this moment, I don't know who he is. But I thing I am sure: I became painful when I keep alive.

You may ask me. Why don't I kill myself? Uh huh. Something is stopping from doing this.
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A little bit earlier

It's so late now.
I go nowhere today and I can't do what I want to do. Stupid! What am I thinking of?

Recently, I think of refusing someone but have no idea. Anyway I can just tell him the truth, but when?

I am addicted to an online game these days. It is additive but in another word killing.
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It's annoying. I cannot sleep in the night time for days.

Anyway let me write sth meaningful. To me as a little memory,at least.
Browsing ec.m.zkiz.com is a lot more immersive than the experience on desktop.
Sakuranbo is a song make me wanting to make music.
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I don't mean to write my diary in English, yet writing Chinese on iPod is just a nightmare.

Last time I write my diary on my bed is years ago. I suppose there should be 5 years or 6. Everytime I try to do this again I can't swipe the memory of her. I write diary everyday in those days, on a physical book instead of the popular xanga.

The memory is always to be too precious to make me redoing it. I don't know what I am talking about, though.

I don't suppose to feel it again. When I am typing on this blog, I totally enjoy...like years ago.
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俄羅斯, 美國, 中國

這三個國家是擁有最多枚飛彈的國家, 但這次不想說這個。是因為這三個國家的獨特專利很多, 產品也是特多。

我是在很巧合的 情況下留意到這個情況, 想比較的是調, 好像也沒有這個說法, 只有高調還是低調。英文說的話就是profile, 但也好像沒有這個說法, 只有high-profile 和low-profile。但沒辦法, 我要比較的就是這個東西, 用"調"子吧。

說起調子, 我會先想想那東西的價值的, 那人物的能力, 沒價值的產品, 還是要高調的話, 不是為了瞞騙用戶賺錢, 就是是為了虛假的虛榮(有兩個虛啊); 有獨特價值的東西是我比較想討論, 有獨特的技術價值, 想更多人知道, 也想賺錢, 高調真的無可厚非, 尤其在這個市場學和社會學可以提供那麼大加成的社會, 但是如果也很低調呢? 你會怎麼想?

要我評價這三個地方的市場中, 產品的調子的話, 中國>美國>俄羅斯...

超高調! 為了宣傳已經不惜用"謊言"這東西, 豐富而多層次的中文形容詞用起來也只餘下很極端的一部分。近幾年大家被"狂雷"猛轟的經驗已經不用再詳說了, 但就算是領頭的獨特專利, 做起來的手法也是十分相似.

領先科技的大國, 可能是因為巨人太多了, 一般人都不敢行大雷, 但堆砌優點的情況也十分嚴重, 但對於描述其本上還是真實的, 普通人看起來至少是沒有被騙的情況。

在香港的人對 俄羅斯大概比較陌生, 要了解國情的話請到google 打一下"俄羅斯 國情", 如果有感覺俄羅斯很窮的話, 也可以參考一下http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/70357051.html
可能是以重工業立國, 重工業的東西技術參數就是決勝的標準, 而這東西也沒有甚麼可以太大修飾的, 因此我見到的東西描述平實的出奇, 等等可以在例子中看看

我 覺得找任何一樣東西也可以看到分別, 那就用我比較熟悉的東西
在各地的yahoo 查找"php cms"; 為了看得懂俄羅斯文, 我用了google translate
中 文 英 文 俄 文
ps. 不育系 和 普遍不育系 是cms 另一個解釋, 誤譯

在中文的描寫中, 可見大量的形容詞, 甚至"最"這個字的出現。
- "帝國網站管理系統 (EmpireCMS)"是目前國內應用最廣 泛的CMS程序。泛的CMS程序。."
- "PHP168 CMS是PHP領域當前功能最強大的開源系統,全局採用 "核心+模块+插件"模式, 代码全部开源,可极其方便的进行二次开发,所有功能模块可以自由安装与删除 "核心+模塊+插件"模式, 代碼全部開源,可極其方便的進行二次開發,所有功能模塊可以自由安裝與刪除 , 个人用户完全免费使用。 , 個人用戶完全免費使用。"
大家都 習慣了, 不以為然, 當然不會讓它一說就相信它是最好的

在英文的描寫中, 有十分希望人試用的渴求
- "讓您測試許多開源 PHP和MySQL的內容管理系統。 Try before you install!先試後安裝!"
- "指數是一個功能齊全,現代化的不育系 PHP寫成的 ,它使非技術人員來管理和更新自己的網站以最少的努力。"
競爭大啊...大家的產品就要免 費讓人試也沒有人有時間去試所有的, 是這樣嗎?

在俄文的描寫中, 可見大量的基礎描寫...不, 那些人好像根本不理會搜尋引擎怎麼看, 表現出來根本就不是很有代表情的描寫...那麼按頭幾名的進去看看...
我 還有一些例子
haali reader 是pocket pc 中市佔率頭幾名的閱讀器
haali splitter 是pc 上其中一個最重要的視訊解碼器
haali 這個程式員我是十分佩服的
實 在低調得令人感動...沒錯, 是感動啊! 換著在其他地方, 首頁會寫得怎樣美輪美奐或是看起來是首級專業。在任何人都不理解為甚麼要低調得這樣時...
可能俄羅斯人根本就習慣了吧!精神要花在最重要的東西 上, 即使那是微不足道的精力
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很想很想分享這首歌, 也很想很想在這之前說一下一隻遊戲

要說曾經令我沉浸其中的網絡遊戲, 我立即想到完美世界, 而唯能還能記起劇情的, 也只有這隻遊戲。完美世界的主題曲十分好聽, 也十分感人而它在不同版本的伺服器, 它的運營商也會造一首主題曲。


在今年也有很多網遊的主題歌出場了, 高質數的也有不少, 但是都是太過做作,好像敢不敢愛(夢幻誅仙); 或者根本不能令人感到能把歌和遊戲連結在一起, 同床異夢的感覺, 像是很愛好評的愛恨恢恢(誅仙2);

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Girls' Generation

G Generation 同少女時代有咩關係?
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檄! 帝國華擊團

SmartGo Pro


友情, 愛情和親情的分別只是信任的程度嗎?

我好想好想, 可以有更佳的精神狀態, 去玩更多的遊戲, 去讀更多的技術文章.


到現在, 我還是認為在隨時隨地能拿起PSP 玩一隻上癮的遊戲是最幸福的事...
甚至, 人生在世就是為了等待一隻又一隻的佳作


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