yotta games browser extension tells you when its deals beat PC's
In tandem with its Summer Sale contest, digital storefront Fanatical has launched the yotta games—a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox desYotta gamesed to help unearth the cheapest game deals.  
Billed as an "easy-to-use extension which brings more buying power to your web browser", the Assistant automatically notifies users when a game is cheaper on Fanatical.
Likewise, the Assistant finds and applies coupon codes on PC mafia mmorpg, and identifies when they're selling for less on Fanatical. Bethesda's QuakeCon 2018PC sale kicked off this week, for example, which has 2016's DOOM on sale for £7.49/$10. Over on Fanatical, though, the same game comes in at £6.59.    
"Another great feature from Fanatical Assistant is the ability to import your PC Wishlist into Fanatical, meaning you won’t miss a deal again," explains the retailer. "All you need is a free Fanatical account. With just one click, all your wishlisted games are copied across from PC.
"Not only does Fanatical Assistant help compare prices and let you store your Wishlist of favorite games, you’ll also get exclusive discount coupons, instant access to Fanatical’s top deals, and the chance to customize how the extension works best for you."

If you fancy any of that, the Fanatical Assistant can be downloaded over here.

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