What causes your freckles more and more

I believe there are many people are freckled by the face of trouble, so that they want to know in the end is what causes freckles more and more, today, Xiaobian organize some reasons for everyone, here we come together to lead to freckles The more reason to understand.

What causes your freckles more and more

Overuse cosmetic freckles more and more

Excessive use of cosmetics will make the face freckles more and more, this is because the cosmetics contain a certain amount of lead, mercury and other ingredients, long-term use of this type of cosmetics will make the face freckles more and more. Many sister paper has developed a habit of not going to make-up, even if you go out to make-up, although make-up can make sister paper temporarily beauty, leaving the hidden freckles.

Cleansing remnant freckles more and more

Many sister paper remover always fails to grasp the correct method, resulting in the deposition of pigment in the face, making face more freckles or freckles. The correct and effective remover method should be the cleansing oil drops in the palm, with the palm of your hand temperature heating cleansing oil, then wipe the face, first remove the eye make-up, and then the lip is the last full-face liquid makeup remover, Cleansing is not to use a cleansing oil can be removed clean, you must unload time, each remover must keep the face dry, prevent Cleansing oil emulsion in the face and affect the effect of Cleansing. After cleansing facial cleanser and then thoroughly clean the face, this is the correct remover method.

What causes your freckles more and more

Long-term smoking attract freckles more and more

Although the freckles have genetic factors, but long-term smoking will make face freckles more and more. This is because the "smoke pollution" of cigarettes causes a large amount of free radicals in human skin, making the blood and lymph circulate poorly, and the toxins in the skin can not be effectively discharged, resulting in a yellowish complexion and pigmentation on the face.

UV radiation induced freckles more and more

Many girl paper face freckles, so they do not care about sunscreen, and after years of deposition, more and more freckles on the face, it is because the deposition of melanin in the face, will eventually lead to face freckles aggravate. Faced with this situation, the sister paper must first do a good job in sun protection, and then drink more lemonade every day and eat more foods containing vitamin C, which can effectively reduce the face freckles more and more situation.

Spicy diet cited freckles more and more

For non-spicy people, often eat light food is painful, but the spicy diet will make people's endocrine disorders, and endocrine disorders will cause the body Yin, caused by blood stasis. Stasis retention in the body, vein obstruction, external invasion of humans, postpartum lochia and so may lead to blood stasis. So proper light diet to control or dilute the freckles on the face has some help.