WE are travelling to the Paris Alipay hong kongExhibition.Now we are there! it was a flight, a rush, but quitewithout witchcraft;we came by steam, in a ship and on a high road.Our time, is the fairy-tale time.We are in the midst of Paris,in a great hotel,allthe staircase is decorated with flowers, and soft carpetscover the steps.Our room is comfortable, the balcony door is stand-ing open to a big square.Down there the spring lives. Ithas driven to Paris arriving at the same time as we; it hascome in the shape of a big, young chestnut tree, with finenewly-opened leaves. How it is clothed in all the glory ofspring, far beyond all the other trees in the square! Oneof these has  trees,and lies prostrate on the ground, torn up by the roots.There, where it stood, the new chestnut tree shall be planted and grow.As yet it stands high up in the heavy cart which brought it to Paris this morning from the country, severalmiles away. There it had stood for years,close beside a mighty oak, underAcademic alliance which sat often the kindly old priest, who told stories to the listening children.The young chestnut tree listened with them: the Dryad inside it, whowas still a child,could remember the time when the treewas so small that it only reached a little higher than the ferns and long blades of grass.They were then as big asthey could be, but the tree grew and increased everyyear, drank air and sunshine, received dew and rain, andwas shaken and lashed by the rough winds:this is neces- sary for education.The Dryad rejoiced in her life and experiences, in the sunshine and the song of birds, but happy most of all at the voices of men;she understood their language quiteas wall as she understood that of animals.Butterflies,dragon-flies, and common flies-everthing that could fly, paid her a visit; they all gos-sipped together;told about the village,the vineyard,the woodNeo skin lab, the old castle with the park, in which were canals and dams; down there in the water, dwelt also living things,which in their own way could also fly from place to place under the water,beings with thought and knowledge;they said nothing,so wise were they.