It is understood that "line through the economy" is one of the major Foshan folk activities, and "Foshan Autumn" a truly. The annual lunar January fifteen, sixteen, people from all sides influx of hundreds of thousands of hand-held windmill through Tongji Bridge, sketched out a grand Lingnan style picture become Foshan folk culture symbols. In recent years, Foshan year "line Tongji" number more than 600,000.
To effectively stretch and extend the cultural tourism industry chain, from 2016 onwards, Chancheng District Tourism Bureau, Temple Street Post Office jointly commissioned specially designed issued "line through the economy, no closed shade" commemorative badge. To build by issuing personalized commemorative badges and charitable activities, to enhance the public, visitors to the row Tongji folk activities identity. Commemorative badge is made of alloy material, size 35 × 40mm, thickness: 2mm, with a collection of certificates and medals row Tongji personalized stamps 1, and with beautiful outer box, limited edition commemorative badge 5000, a separate collection permits, having high collection commemorative value. Badge price is 30 yuan.
The commemorative badge in the shape of the main elements of the Lunar New Year, will be issued for 12 years in a row, 2016 Monkey originating in the design concept for a monkey mouth smiling, holding lettuce, tail roll windmill, strode crossed Tongji Bridge , in front of the finger, meaning making money in hand, windmill transport.
The commemorative badge is divided into online and offline sales. Among them, the online sales from February 1, members of the public to follow "Foshan Post Philatelic Corporation," "Matsu culture", "Chancheng tourism", "Temple micro-services" and other public micro-channel number, through a public number link, you can make an online reservation and payment; the line from the beginning of the fifteenth day of sales, the public can "line through the economy" through the road selling point of purchase, or in Chancheng China Philatelic flagship store to buy the same.