eclipse "required version 8" not installed

zt:有好一陣子沒有開新的 Android Project正在讚嘆新的新增介面挺人性化的同時卡在這邊說是他需要 revision 8 的 support list問題是我 SDK 明明是 r20...應該蠻新的才是去官方看看...r20.0.1...好吧我認了SDK 也更新了,revision 9 的 support list 也裝了還是卡在這邊看了一下 stack overflow...原來這 iss
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How to Launch Multiple Instances of Notepad++

How to configure Notepad++ to launch a new copy of itself every time
Notepad++ is my primary text editor, as it offers a huge amount of features, and yet remains fairly simple to use.  After months of using it heavily both at home and at work, I began to wonder if I could launch multiple instances of it at one time. Given that I have two monitors in either
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