Before and after the cold dew, the air is drier and the "autumn dryness" is vulnerable. Nutrition experts caution, to stay away from "autumn dryness", the public should drink honey water and salt water less spicy hotel hongkong (GDHK) is located in the centre of Tsim Sha Tsui which is surrounded by streets of boutiques, vast variety of restaurants & famous shopping malls, such as i-Square, K11 &The One.  

After the cold dew, the cold air in the north has a certain influence. Most of China is under the control of cold and high pressure, the rainy season is over and the weather is dry. The first affiliated hospital of tianjin medical university nutrition experts say, drink plain boiled water is a good method, but if you want to completely resist "autumn dry" the negative effect, had better add some salt in water or honey. At the same time, be careful not to eat or eat spicy barbecue food, such as chili, prickly ash, cinnamon, ginger, spring Onions and wine.

As the weather turned cold this week, the sunny weather that accompanied our long vacation was gone. The new week begins and today is the "cold dew" of the 24 solar terms. As the saying goes: "cold feet don't show, from now on, must pay attention to keep warm, especially feet, in case" cold from the foot ".

"Cold dew" is the earliest "cold" generation in the 24 solar terms, and its emergence proves that the winter is near. Compared with the "white dew" of a month ago, the temperature is lower now, the dew is more, but with a very strong chill. The wild goose south flies, the leaves fade yellow, the cold dew once, the weather is cold to turn cold, sooner or later is the cold wind to the bone, the temperature is lower, need to always be careful to add clothing clinique fresh pressed.

Eat more warm products in the diet, such as chestnut, pear, water chestnut, water chestnut, grapefruit, etc. Try to eat less spicy, smoked, and cold fruits like watermelon and bitter melon. Although it is time to eat crab, but because of its cold, should be enough to stop. Here also give the MM that want to lose weight to remind a person, when the weather turns cold, appetite also can turn good, hot pot, stew dish, the temptation of food is much rise, want to prevent overeating.

Many old people get into the habit of sleeping in after they retire. However, the UK, the daily mail, according to the latest papers in vancouver, Canada's international conference on alzheimer's disease association released a new study has found that, with more than seven hours or less than seven hours a night sleep than the old, every night sleep restriction in 7 hours, the old man the brain aging can be postponed for two years.

Scientists at brigham and women hospital, a hospital affiliated to harvard medical school, conducted a five-year study of 15,000 women in their 70s. Participants were given regular memory and attention tests. The results found that older adults who slept seven hours a night were better at attention and memory than older women who slept nine hours or less a night.Look for travel agents, tour operators and products in Hong Kong through PartnerNet's e-marketplace. Perfect for linking businesses and exploring opportunities.

New research leader Dr Elizabeth devore says prolonged sleep or lack of sleep can lead to reduced attention and symptoms of alzheimer's disease.

Scientists at the university of California San Francisco, completed another involved more than 1300, 70 - year - old woman of the new study also found that in older women, including sleep apnea, sleep problems and there is a close connection between alzheimer's disease. New research director Dr Christine yaf said there was a strong link between sleep quality and alzheimer's disease.