"Oil" is the daily food that people eat, so the use of it is crucial to human health, and if used improperly, it can even cause cancer.

Myth 1: hot cooking

A lot of people like to use high temperature stir fry when stir fry, get used to wait until the oil in the pan smoke to fry a dish, this kind of practice is unscientific.High temperature oil not only damages the nutrition of food, but also produces some peroxides and carcinogens.It is recommended to heat the pot before pouring the oil, then you can fry it, not to wait for the oil to smoke.A glass disposable vape pen cartridge looks extremely fascinating! It has a metallic body, which looks better when a glass cartridge is added to the posterior part! These are similar in size to that of normal cigarettes.

Myth 2: don't eat plant-based cooking oil, or don't eat animal oil

If there is no oil, it can cause vitamin deficiency in the body, and the lack of essential fatty acids, which can affect the health of the human body.The emphasis on eating only vegetable oil, not animal oil, is also not good.At a certain dose, animal oil (saturated fatty acids) is beneficial to the human body.

Myth 3: eat only one type of oil for a long time

Now, Fried average household is difficult to do with what kind of food oil, but several we recommend best match alternately edible oil, or for a period of time in a kind of oil, the next period of time in another oil, because there are few a oil can solve the problem of all oil needs.

Myth 4: people with abnormal blood lipids, or people who are not normal weight, do not have a different kind of oil

For people with abnormal blood lipids or abnormal body weight, we are more focused on high monounsaturated fats in vegetable oils.In the quantity of oil, also control.People with blood lipid and body weight should be controlled at least 25 grams per day, and polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids are almost evenly split.And the crowd that the elderly, dyslipidemia, obesity crowd, the crowd obesity related diseases or have a family history of obesity crowd, they each use the oil to lower every day, even down to 20 grams.

1. Can regulate the gastrointestinal function

The catechins of qingmei can promote peristalsis in the intestines, and have a significant effect on constipation (especially pregnant women) and diarrhea.When you make your book hong kong hotel , Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong offers comprehensive professional service to you including high-speed FREE wifi. We encourage people contact their families and friends via social media when they are outside home.

2. The efficacy of detoxification

When harmful ingredients such as additives and pesticide residues in food enter the body, they are discharged through the detoxification of the liver and kidneys.The active substances contained in green plum fruit can improve the detoxification function of the liver and enhance the human body's ability to detoxify, detoxify, and blood poison.Summer is the high season of kidney stones, and qingmei has the effect of preventing stone.Because it contains rich citric acid, and the calcium in blood is easy to dissolve after combining with citric acid, the formation of calculi can be reduced.

3. It can prevent aging and aging

, drinking greengage flavor acid in the drink can stimulate salivary gland to secrete more parotid gland, parotid gland hormone can promote metabolism, delay aging, let a female rosy, gloss of skin, make skin tissue and blood vessels tend to be younger, have obvious "rejuvenation" effect.

Green plum wine can be drunk year-round.Cold drinks (with ice), hot drinks (heating), and drinking before or after a meal are appropriate.Add orange juice, lemon juice, Sprite, soda, and other colorful cocktails.A large amount of polyphenols in green plum wine can also inhibit the accumulation of fat, and have a good effect on weight loss 香港之最.