I do not want to influence anyone. I do not want to think that anyone can influence me, influence, because then it means that I do not have enough personality, character, style to do anything of my own. Without thinking that those who influence are a presumptuous pinch, think of "knowing". But what do we know? A 67-year-old tells you: I'm realizing that I'm a few years ahead of me and I'm nothing, I know nothing. Do you want an advice? Make all the mistakes you can make in your life: that which influences you, experience mistakes, learn from defeats. Grow up, become aware.
Would you go back and do it all you did in life?
No. I have a lot of regrets. The most lacerating is the failure to understand the love that some people have felt for me. At the time I was too superficial, young and stupid.

And today what would you like to do? What do you like to do?

I love reading, writing, listening to music black bridesmaid dresses under 100, going to the cinema, to the theater. I love to immerse myself in nature when I can not find answers. I go to a wood, where one feels inside life, and I spend hours there. I lean on a tree and go home with a thousand answers that human beings do not give me. I would like to go back to travel. I traveled a lot until 2010, then in the last few years I did it less because of work. I want to go back to Peru, go to Namibia, South Africa, India, French Polynesia. I want to lose myself. Go towards death with light flight. I want to die like an eagle, not a thrush. And leave alive, tried, but not sick. I want to be the one to turn my back on banality and degradation before they do it.

Coexist with arthritis. You are pro euthanasia and you have never hidden it. Are you a believer?
I believe in the gods, I have a pagan version of believing. I heard a powerful god, who upset me when I was at Machu Picchu, an incredible experience. There were all the gods put together there. Then I have a great consideration of the figure of Jesus Christ, but not towards the Christianity that they invented later, the greatest marketing operation ever done in human history, as indeed applies to other religions.